The Worst Car Maintenance Tips

The Worst Car Maintenance Tips

Whether you have been driving for five, ten or fifteen years you will no doubt be aware of just how important it is to keep your car in the best condition possible. From the engine, to the tyres and even the seats; the better condition every part of your car is in, the better and safer the drive and the longer the resale value of the car will remain.

Taking care of your care is not as difficult as it may seem no matter how inexperienced you are. Everything from your manual, to internet resources and even your local mechanic will be able to tell you just what to do but what about what not to do?

For every good car maintenance tip there are some that are bad and some that are really bad and believe it or not, these tips are often regularly passed on. Below are the top no go’s that you should make sure you are always aware off…

  • “Clean Your Engine with Water” – Believe it or not, this point needs to be on the list! No matter what you have heard and what you may think, cleaning the caps and valves in your engine with running water is never a good idea. Water through a crankcase will only seize up the engine which will then need to be replaced leaving you with nothing but a gaping hole in your wallet.
  • “Tyre Pressure isn’t Important”- When it comes to your tyres, many experts have often reiterated that low tyre pressure is not good which of course is true as it can make for heavy and somewhat difficult driving which will not only affect the fuel economy of the car but your safety too. However, many fail to note that high tyre pressure can be just as damaging, even causing early wear on the tyre. Your manual should inform you of the right pressure level or a mechanic can help however just remain aware that guesswork won’t cut it.
  • “You Don’t Need a Mechanic”- Granted there are a lot of things that you as a car owner can take care of yourself however thinking that you don’t need a mechanic could seriously cost you down the line. Whether it is a standard service, cambelt change or gearbox repair; there really are some things that only a mechanic can take care off. Understandably none of us like to spend too much if we don’t have to but with a check up from a professional you could save yourself a lot of hassle and a major bill. Failing to regularly see a mechanic is a cardinal sin.
  • “Don’t Worry too Much About the Transmission”- Your transmission as, as your are hopefully aware, crucial to your car which is why ignoring it could cost you greatly. It is important to check your transmission fluid regularly and have a service frequently as without it you could end up dealing with one of the most expensive mistakes you could have made.

Yes taking care of your car is no difficult task but making a silly mistake is still all too easy. Educate yourself on the do’s and the don’ts of car maintenance to ensure you don’t end up making a disastrous mistake that will cost an arm and a leg to fix!

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